Mobile hot tub rental

Kubilo nuoma Kauno raj.

Kaunas district. from 40 € per day (d.d.) Pickup and return can be by our own transport or we will deliver. Price - 0.7 €/km.



  • Hot tub rent

    Mobile hot tub rental with jacuzzi system, internal and external multicolor LED lighting for your leisure time, relaxation or celebrations. The hot tub and the necessary accessories can be ordered simply online by paying a convenient payment method. VAT invoices are issued.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for renting a hot tub: JBL bluetooth speaker, wood for barbecue, sawdust briquettes for water heating, cushions, sauna caps .

  • Gift vouchers

    After paying for the gift voucher, you must enter:

    - Coupon number: The number of your paid order

    - Purchase Date: The date the credit is credited

    The coupon takes effect within 2 hours. from receipt of payment (working days).

    On public holidays, the coupon takes effect within 5 hours.

    The coupon owner must enter the coupon number in the discounts section during the purchase process. The total payment amount is reduced by the amount of the coupon value.

  • Hot tube

    The production of the mobile tub lasts until 7-10d.d. from the submission of the order and payment.

    When ordering a mobile tub, select the desired insert color. Payment can be made in full or in installments: the first installment is 10% of the value of the tub. To pay in advance, enter the code "Advance" during the order process and the amount of the order basket will be reduced to 10%. You will pay the remaining amount at the end of production.

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