Spa Bath Pillow
  • Spa Bath Pillow
  • Spa Bath Pillow

Spa Bath Pillow

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Spa Bath Pillow, PU Bath Cushion With Non-Slip Suction Cups, Ergonomic Home Spa Headrest For Relaxing Head, Neck, Back

The price is for the entire rental period. Choose the required amount of pillow (up to 4 pcs.)


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Mobile hot tub rental

Kubilo nuoma Kauno raj.

Kaunas district. from 40 € per day (d.d.) Pickup and return can be by our own transport or we will deliver. Price - 0.7 €/km.

Item type: bathtub pillow

Material: PU

Color: black

Size: about 270 x 140 x 50mm (L X W X H)

Amount to be compensated in case of loss or damage: 17€/psc.

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