Rules-agreement for leased assets

The terms of the lease set out the terms and conditions of the mobile tub and ancillary facilities, which set out the rights and obligations of the lessor and the lessee (the customer) for the entire lease term.

1. Landlord and services provided

The service provider is UAB IZET, which provides rental services for a mobile hot tub and additional accessories (if optional).

2. Reservation

2.1 Reservations can be made on this website ( or by other means (e-mail, telephone). Reservations are considered valid ONLY AFTER RECEIVING CONFIRMATION from the landlord.

2.2 The customer can be both a natural person (at least 18 years old who can assume legal and material responsibility) and a legal entity who must sign this lease agreement at the same time becomes responsible for the smooth running of the lease.

2.3 Priority is given to bookings that are paid online. This means that if you make a reservation at the same time on your preferred  priority who will be given to those who pay by prepay online.

3. Customer Liability

3.1 The Customer must compensate the Service Provider for material losses incurred during the rental of inventory or accessories due to the fault of the Customer or other persons. The prices of the inventory and accessories are indicated in item No.10

3.2 The customer is responsible for his own safety and the safety of third parties when using the services provided by the provider.

3.3 The customer is responsible for compliance with special sanitary and hygiene rules throughout the rental period.

4. Procedure for the use of the mobile tub and accessories

4.1 Rent by picking up the customer's own transport.

The Customer collects and returns the mobile hot tub and the desired accessories at the time agreed with the lessor. At the end of the lease, the customer must return the inventory clean and tidy.

4.2 Rental with delivery to the customer.

The mobile tub and accessories are delivered and picked up by the lessor's transport (for a separate price). The price is agreed in advance and depends on the total distance. The distance is preliminarily calculated by taking the reference point from PC MEGA, in Kaunas the tariff is 0.7 € / km.

Example: Distance to rent 20km. Total 40km (delivery and pick-up). Total amount 28 € with VAT.

5. Use of a mobile tub

- The customer takes care of the water supply to the mobile hot tub.

- It is not recommended to add too much water (see drawing), as the water level will rise if the hot tub is used or if it is too hot, it will not be possible to add cold water to cool to the desired temperature.

- The water must be clean, free of impurities (sand, sludge or other impurities). Dirty water can damage the hot tub and air massage systems.

- The mobile water heater can only be started when the water is completely filled (the water must cover the upper hot water opening (see drawing).

It is FORBIDDEN to turn on the hydromassage system without water! This can permanently damage the circulation pump.

- The power cord must be earthed. When connecting the mobile tub to the power supply, the connection must be protected from water or moisture.

- Firewood is taken care of by the Customer or is provided together with the mobile tub (if ordered separately as an accessory). It is forbidden to burn construction or household waste in the oven. Let's save nature!

- It is FORBIDDEN to raise the water temperature above 50 degrees Celsius in the tub. In this case, it is necessary to fill the tub with cold water and stop heating.

-It is FORBIDDEN to use the Inventory under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

- It is FORBIDDEN to sit next to the hot water supply from the oven in the mobile tub. When using the hydromassage function, it is recommended to change the sitting position or position every 5 -10 minutes.

6. Force majeure

The liability of the parties for non-performance of the lease agreement in case of force majeure is regulated by Article 6.212 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

7. Time of provision of services

7.1 Start of the rental from 16.00 (unless otherwise agreed).

7.2 End of rental before 12.00. (unless otherwise agreed).

8. Prices, payments, accounting

8.1 Rental services are provided by IZET UAB, Company code: 302719990, VAT code: LT100006669011, Kaunas

8.3 The Service Provider is a VAT payer. All prices include VAT.

8.4 VAT invoices are issued.

8.5 The Lessor reserves the right to change the prices at any time. Changes in prices for delivery and withdrawal for existing reservations can only be made in the event of a rise in fuel prices, tolls, parking and similar situations.

8.6 Mobile tub and accessory rental prices are indicated at

9. Other conditions

9.1 The customer must agree to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of fulfilling the reservation and providing services. The privacy policy is specified at:

9.2 The mobile tub and accessories are the property of the lessor (UAB IZET).

9.3 Any disputes arising between the Lessor (UAB IZET) and the Customer shall be settled through negotiations.

8.4 If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania according to the location of the lessor (UAB IZET).

10. Compensatory prices for mobile tubs and accessories (in case of damage)

- Mobile hot tub (full) - 3750 €

- Hydromassage system - 360 €

- LED lighting (internal and external) - 60 €

- Mobile hot tub trailer - 1130 €

- Oven - € 300

- 2m. installed chimney - 70 €

- Support cushions - 17 € / pc.

- Music speaker "JBL Charge 5" - 149 €

- Bath caps - 9.9 € / pc.

- Barbecue - 69 €

- Switches - 3 € / pc.

PS: All damages are quoted for replacement. Damaged parts are NOT REPAIRED.


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